Cornell Pump Company

Cornell manufactures high efficiency horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps for water and wastewater. Including self primer, Redi Prime systems, non clog sewage, chopper, immersible and submersible sizes from 3 inch to 40 inch sizes in specific models.

Engineered with a wide range of construction materials including cast iron, ductile iron, CD4MCU, 316 Stainless, Nodular Ni Quench, and NI Hard Cornell can serve a wide range of process fluid streams.

Cornell’s attention to customer needs through product development programs continues to solve customer problems and reduce both maintenance and operations costs. These include the Cyclo Seal System, Run dry operation, and the innovative field installed cutter designs.

Cornell Pump Company Municipal applications for clear water, waste water, and grey water are met with assurance by Cornell pumps. We’ve been involved in municipal installations since the 1950s — with our pumps serving in both permanent installations and temporary/emergency fixes. Our new cutter pump is especially efficient in reducing waste water ragging, leading to greater uptime, and a reduction in maintenance costs. Our double volute designs, high heads of 800 feet, robust solids handling capabilities, and patented Cycloseal® design are appreciated by municipal water managers from Irvine, CA to Dubai, UAE.


On Cornell Municipal Pumps, Look for the distinctive appearance of the angular, muscular frame, to know it’s a high quality Cornell pump.



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