MUNIPAC® / Patterson Pump Stations

Patterson MuniPac pre-packaged pump stations are designed to place and connect. Engineered to provide municipalites a powerhouse of efficiency in water applications involoving booster station, raw water intakes and the filling of elevated tanks. Patterson MuniPac's are available in horizontal or vertical configurations. H2O Works™ End Suction Pumps are supplied as standard and feature a rear pull-out design and a 175 psi rating. HSC, vertical in-line and vertical turbine pumps are also available. MuniPac system designs accommodate flows from 100 gpm to over 14,000 gpm and pressures exceeding 300 psi. PLC control is standard, offering low-suction-pressure, auto-shutdown with reset and automatic pump alternation.

These factory-assembled prepackaged pump systems are shipped complete with simplified lifting devices. A variety of building types, exteriors and architectural finishes are available to meet virtually every need.