Patterson’s H2O Works™ Municipal Pumps & Systems provide the flow power for clean water applications worldwide. This pump line includes Horizontal Split Case (HSC), Two-Stage DMD, End Suction, Vertical In-Line, Vertical Turbine and Axial and Mixed Flow models, as well as Patterson’s efficient and dependable Flo-Pak® prepackaged pumping systems.

Patterson H2O Works™technology helps transform even wastewater into a valuable resource. Reliable workhorses when it comes to accommodating the ebb and flow of major municipal sewage and storm water systems. Within the treatment plant where throughput is critical, our pumps are up to the task.

When Mother Nature assaults, Patterson’s H2O Works™ Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps are ready to defend. Flood waters that threaten life and property stand little chance against the power, durability and reliability built into these behemoths. Engineered to move large volumes of water continuously and at high flow rates.

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