Envirogen Technologies

Envirogen biofilters provide cost-effective odor control solutions with these products

  • Built-in-Place systems - custom designed using standard system components for high-flow applications to safely destroy VOCs, HAPs and odor-causing chemicals
  • P-Series – used for mid-range flow rate applications and well suited for treating odors at headworks, large lift stations and sludge handling facilities
  • H-Series – designed for low air flow rate applications for odor and sulfide removal
  • Bioscrubber Towers - a vertically oriented biofilter, ideal for space-limited applications

Biofilters offer these advantages:

  • Low power, nutrient and water consumption produces favorable operating costs.
  • Engineered media sourced to match specific applications and long service life.
  • Media types include inorganic, mineral-based media, foam-based and organic media composed of a select, aged bark product.
  • Modular design and construction from standardized components provides easy installation.

ENVIROGEN can provide complete system design, turnkey installation, system monitoring, and contract system maintenance.


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