Handling your water-wastewater solutions since 1980

RC Beach & Associates Inc is the premier supplier of water and wastewater equipment for the state of Florida. RC Beach & Associates was established in 1980 by founder Bob Beach and continues its 43 year tradition of process engineering and hydraulic design. RC Beach sells and support products that are superior in both performance and value with trusted local and worldwide industry leaders. Our principles stand beside us in the demanding changes and challenging conditions both globally and in our home state of Florida. We have become a trusted resource in continuing education, presenting seminars and presentation on industry leading topics such as, Air Quality Control, Disinfection, Hydraulics, Conveyances, and Process Treatment. With a long history of providing goods and services to federal, state, city and local municipalities RC Beach continues to grow in knowledge and changes in our industry. We strive to provide the highest standards while simultaneously being fiscally responsible to our end users. We look forward to being of service to both our national and local business partners providing products that often exceed our customer requirements, expectations and specifications as demonstrated through years of sales, installations, dependable duty life and exceptional field services.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.