UET Provides mixing solutions to help you process fluids faster, more profitably, and more reliably.  UET offers custom mixer designs to meet virtually all customer conditions and requirements. UET can provide all forms of mixing including blending to dispersion. We'll work together to completely analyze conditions starting from laboratory tests, to Pilot then select the correct components and documentation for full production scale
UET has engineered advanced impeller designs for maximum efficiency, often twice the efficiency of our competitors. Gearboxes are engineered to handle the arduous mixer service, thereby, eliminating frequent parts replacement. Each mixer is tested before shipment and then carefully packaged to avoid damage. With careful attention to design, materials and manufacturing UET mixer will deliver reliable service for many years.
Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis for Retrofits, Static Mixers, Blade Mixers
UET uses Computational Fluid dynamics to quickly determine if a mixer is the right choice for each application. The benefit of the Computational Fluid dynamics by Autodesk, is the ability to see the problem or optimize a design before it is even manufactured. Computational fluid dynamics helps UET with retrofits and break downs to better understand the customers problems with their current equipment and can work with them to create a retrofit mixer or provide a new design that meets and exceeds the process requirements.

Mixing Products Include:
• Radial Excel Flo
• High Efficiency Turbine Excel Flo
• Portable
• Side Entering
• Static
• Wafer Plate
• Mag Drive
• Pipeline Mixers

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