Technical Service

Our technical service department has over 20 years of experience in monitoring, inspection, repair and installation of rotating equipment. Our start up service assist in determining the baseline operation of specific equipment providing the ability to compare trending and make technical observations and adjustments to prolong operation and maintain efficiency.
With contract monitoring, we provide insight and option to maintain odor control, as well as process mechanical and pumping systems.

  • Establish higher degree of operating efficiency.
  • Understand the function and operation of your equipment.
  • Learn to or contract us to maintain equipment with minimal or no down time.
  • Reduce overall cost through baseline analysis.
  • Let us check twice before you turn system on.
  • Resource library maintained to review past technical record on your equipment
  • Vibration analysis
  • Dba sound analysis
  • Speed tachometer
  • Laser alignment
  • Air quality analysis
  • Dial Indicated T.I.R.
  • Well level gauge
  • Overall system testing