PT&M is an industry leader in manufacturing durable, cost-effective dewatering equipment. Press Technology & Manufacturing was founded in 1992 by industry design expert Mr. George Berner P.E. who offers more than 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and product development. His credits include the design and development of screw presses for several leading manufacturers of pulp & paper equipment.

PT&M provides Screw Presses, Internal Drum Thickeners, municipal sludge screw press, manure separator, solvent recovery, hemp processing, along with other equipment and services.

PT&M’s specialty is solving liquid/solids separation problems. Our design expertise comes from many years of experience developing screw presses. Our engineers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through hands on testing of materials. This background has allowed us to configure screw presses which fit the specific needs of our customers.

The PT&M Screw Press is the best method for separation of liquids from solids. Inside the press free liquid drains off as the material conveys down the screw. At a certain
point the volume of the screw reduces and the liquid in the material is squeezed out by pressure. A set of air cylinders are connected to a pressure plate (cone). The cone builds a back pressure causing more liquid to be compressed out. The air driven cone allows the press to maintain consistent dryness of discharge solids over a large range up to the limit of mechanical dryness. The pneumatic cylinders are adjusted by a valve which allows the operator to control the desired dryness of the solids.


  • spent brewer’s grains
  • fiberglass
  • manure
  • diatomaceous earth
  • citrus wastes
  • vegetable wastes
  • sugar beets
  • alfalfa
  • miscellaneous industrial waste streams


  • High % Dryness on Discharge Solids
  • Reduced Disposal Acreage
  • Reduced Waste Hauling


  • Reduce Pollutants and Environmental Impact
  • Recycle Solids as Bedding/Feed/Compost
  • Long Term Odor Free, Pest Free Storage

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