Since the 1930s, when Dr. August Schreiber’s biological purification plants dotted the German countryside, Schreiber LLC has developed innovative products for advanced biological wastewater treatment. Extensive, ongoing research and development led Schreiber to its Counter Current Aeration technology and the first activated sludge plant in the 1960s. The company introduced its Model GR aeration technology in 1979 in its first US installation.

In 1980, Schreiber developed the single reactor-basin approach for advanced biological wastewater treatment —a technology that would lead to the development of Schreiber Flex Controls™ and the Continuously Sequencing Reactor. In 1995, Schreiber introduced the Fuzzy Filter, a compressible media filter system. Schreiber’s FlexControls monitoring and control systems, patented in 2008, give facilities state-of-the-art tools to maximize efficiency.

Today Schreiber LLC offers individual wastewater components, complete systems, and a wide range of energy-efficient and innovative wastewater treatment solutions, from influent to final discharge. With the highest quality fit and finish, Schreiber’s durable systems help achieve low operating costs while consistently meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. Schreiber now also provides solutions-based approaches to the food processing, pulp and paper, power, mining, oil and gas, and chemicals markets.


Family owned

Equipment U S made 

Average employee has been with Schreiber – 20 years

30 employees in manufacturing

Operations & maintenance assistance throughout life of the equipment.

Schreiber provides operator training seminars regularly at our factory.

We continually improve our products with input from our customers.
*****Operators on the review board*******

All our equipment is serviceable without dewatering


“To Improve water, and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Schreiber.”


“The go-to solutions based company in water resource recovery offering proprietary equipment solutions to customers who value a consultative/comprehensive approach.”

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