Purifics provides the complete water purification solution using unique ceramic membrane technology to provide better water at lower cost in municipal, industrial and reuse markets. Using our FDR (Filter, Destroy, Recover) method, we are able to design and deliver a turn-key solution to provide the complete water purification solution. Purifics has been refining and advancing ceramic membrane technology since 1993.


CUF® is a Continuous Ultra Filtration process that has been commercially applied for drinking water since 2015. With its advanced 5th generation ceramic membrane, CUF® removes DOC, color, THMs, taste, odor, pathogens, turbidity and metals. With its dynamic shock process, it eliminates the need for conventional cleaning processes such as backwash, back-pulse or CIP. CUF® systems have significantly reduced footprint, complexity, chemical usage, labor and no end of life. CUF® operates at a higher flux in a fully automated process. It is LT2ESWTR compliant and ANSI 61 certified by UL.


DeWRS® is a fully automated, chemical-free DeWatering Recovery System and has been recovering contaminants since 2015. Contaminants are filtered and separated to provide a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solution. DeWRS® produces solids in a 20% sludge allowing for essentially full recovery of both the water and the solids with significantly reduced footprint, elimination of chemicals and labor and very low energy requirements.


Photo-Cat® is a chemical-free Photocatalytic AOP+ process with an established history of regulatory compliance since 1994. Photo-Cat® is a fully automated process with significant reduction in lifecycle costs when compared to conventional technologies. It destroys 1,4-dioxane and contaminants that other AOP processes cannot and has the strongest oxidation potential than any other commercial AOP process on the market. Photo-Cat® is the largest Photo-Catalytic AOP System with 24/7 duty and plug and play installation.

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